Most Wanted

Elusive Ancestors leave me with questions yet to be answered.

Anders Sevaldsen - my maternal grandfathers father.

I know this most likely was not his intention but boy is he a hard guy to trace! Mainly because he left his home to be a missionary. Training in Denmark and I believe also the US he spent his life hopping from one Norwegian city to another. Suspicious of the authority of the Norwegian church he may have purposely avoided being recorded in required vital records.
I still am searching for...

***   The official birth record of my grandfather Paul Skogland Sevaldsen. There may never have been one but the 1900 and 1910 census states he was born in Kragerø.
***   The date of Anders death? place of burial? I know he most likely spent his last days in the Skien Telemark area. Records show he was still alive in 1915.

update 19 Dec 2018 - A very kind gentleman in Norway, related to me by marriage of a remote cousin has informed me that Anders died in 1939 in Skien. Thank you Knut!

Nils Jensen - my maternal grandmothers paternal grandfather


***   Where did he come from and who are his ancestors? His marriage record says his father was Jens Hansen. He stated on the 1865 census that he was born in Bamble, Telemark but I can find NO trace of him or his father anywhere.

Thore Amunsdatter - my fifth great grandmother

***born about 1725 there just may be no records to be found this early. I know she exists through a marriage record but she is particularly important because it is from her that I inherited my mitochondrial haplogroup V1. A relatively uncommon haplogroup, V is very common among the Saami. My grandmother told me that we had Saami blood way way back and Thore may be the one. So far no luck though.