Great Links & Blogs

Here are websites I refer to again and again in my family history journey or maybe just for fun.
Also blogs by other amateur genealogists that I find entertaining or can relate to.
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Sites I find useful in my Norwegian family history/genealogy-------

Velkommen to Norway Genealogy

LIVSREISE (life's journey) Norwegian Heritage Center

The Promise of America: Emigration to America and Norwegian-American History 1825-2000

Ellis Island Foundation: Passenger lists, history and Photos of "The Great European Migration"

The Digitalarkivet: part of the Norwegian National Archives

Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naeseth Library

Norway Heritage: Passenger lists and immigrant ships

Gjenvick Gjønvik Archives: Historical Ephemera from the 1880's thru 1954

Family Search: The premier (free) website for searching family history

Eidangerslekt: History and Genealogy of Eidanger (in Norwegian)

Rootsweb Census abbreviations 1865-1900

National Library of Norway: Online Bygdebok for Verdal Nord Trøndelag

Porsgrund Telemark Library: Online Bygdebok for Eidanger Telemark

Genealogy Literacy: Building Trees with Unshakeable Roots

Treasure Chest of Memories

Other bloggers like me blogging about their family heritage/genealogy---

So Many Ancestors! - blog

Norwegian Genealogy and then Some - blog

Jana's Genealogy and Family History - blog

Root Stalker Genealogy

About Norwegian people, thoughts, food, country, habits, language, heck just interesting reads that somehow relate to Norway and Norwegians.

"Why your Norwegian Ancestor probably wasn't a Viking King"

The Saami - indigenous peoples of Scandinavia

My Little Norway - blog

Heart my Backpack; 70 countries later my heart chose Norway -blog

A Frog in the Fjord ( a French girls take on Norway and Norwegians)

The Norwegian Folklore Archives - University of Oslo

*Legends of the North -Magical tales and creatures of Nordic folklore