Dagmar's Ancestry Chart

*Please note the disclaimer at the end of this pedigree, Thanks!

      PLEASE NOTE: As with any family tree you find, please don't just copy without checking it yourself. I am an amateur family historian/genealogist and although I strive for accuracy I make you no absolute guarantees. In the preceding pedigree I have found substantiation with census and vital records and other reliable sources, to say without hesitation, I believe these are my true ancestors. For the sake of brevity, I do not list those sources here but if you believe we share ancestry you are more than welcome to view all I have found on my well documented private Ancestry.com tree (see contact info on the left side of this blog). My family trees will always be a work in progress. If you do find any inaccuracies in, or have additions to, my family trees, please let me know. Thank you!