About Me

One of my most passionate interests is family history/genealogy.  I was born and grew up in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. The same Chicago in which all four of my immigrant grandparents settled in the early years of the twentieth century. I am half Swedish (my fathers' side) and half Norwegian (my mom's side). I seriously began my ancestry research following the death of my maternal grandma, Dagmar Gundersen Sevald. She had come from Telemark, Norway through Ellis Island and raised her family in Chicago. But....her love for Norway never left her. After my grandfathers' death she returned to live in Norway. After her death, in 1991, a cousin sent me a large box of her photos and memorabilia. Our local librarian suggested borrowing an early version of "Family Tree Maker" from the library to organize it all. I was hooked on family genealogy!  This had been such an informative, fulfilling and fun journey I took to blogging to document and share my past, present and hopefully lots of future discoveries. Please join me!

just so you know...........

Ranae's Norwegian Family Heritage is about my research, thoughts, ideas and feelings about my Scandinavian family history/genealogy. I would love to hear what you think about my blog. Likes? Dislikes? Comments? Corrections? Are you family? Perhaps you have more stories, information, photos you could share? Please use the comment box on the left side of this blog.

The photographs and information about my family that I have posted, of course, may be copied by other family members for their personal use so that our family history is passed on. They may not be taken for any commercial use. 
Ranae's Norwegian Family Heritage is on a free Google sponsored blog site. It does not have any form of sponsored or paid advertising. If I blog about a genealogical product, book, event or speaker it is because I personally found it enjoyable or useful and thought I would share. The opinion is only mine and I was not compensated for it.  I make every effort to link to appropriate sites and give credit where due.

Finally............As we all are, I am the sum total of my upbringing, culture, education, generation, occupation, faith, life experiences etc. In other words my family history is interpreted, and this blog is written from my perspective alone. 
No offense is intended, nor am I "wrong" or are you "wrong", if we each remember or interpret the same family event differently. Hey, start your own blog!