Norwegian Heritage Center: LIVSREISE (Life's Journey)

Last May I attended the Syttende Mai (Norwegian Constitution Day) festivities in Stoughton Wisconsin. My German-born husband I know would have taken me but I also know he would not have enjoyed it, nor would I have enjoyed it as fully as I did when I went with a new-found friend also of Norwegian ancestry.  Get out of here, it was a riot! I for sure will go next year and tell you about it but for now you must know about THE BEST.

I went to the grand opening of the Norwegian Heritage Center: LIVSREISE (Life's Journey) newly built in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Stoughton was settled by Norwegians who came there at the end of the 19th century. They have a wonderful interactive display of what the journey must have been like. Although my Norwegian family arrived a bit later, during the 1920's and landed in Chicago, much of what they offered was of great interest to me. They also had a bank of computers in a Genealogy Center. It operates in conjunction with the Norwegian American Genealogical Center and Naeseth Library with direct access to their databases. Free no less! You don't see that very often.

Even if you are, like me, 1-2 hours ride away, check it out, it is SO WELL WORTH THE RIDE.

277 W. Main Street Stoughton, Wisconsin 53589
T: (608) 873-7567  E: Marg@norwegianheritagecenter.org