August 18, 2015

Norwegian and Proud

"Don't forget who you are" is the phrase my grandmother and mother frequently used on us kids. As a source of pride in one sense. We were Americans, we were Christians, we were Norwegian, we were something special. But it went the other way too. "Did you forget who you are?" We were acting badly, selfishly, pridefully. Two biggest activities frowned on by Norwegian-Americans it would seem were complaining and bragging. And that's that. I would guess that most every Norwegian-American is familiar with Hägar the Horrible. I saw this cartoon on a Norwegian facebook page today and it hit the mark. I framed and hung it right over my computer next to my Norwegian family genealogy notebooks. If you have even a drop of Norwegian blood you'll "get it".


Hägar the Horrible, a King Features Syndicate created by cartoonist Dik Browne (1917-1989)

Wikipedia - Hägar the Horrible