Carrie Gundersen

When I found my great grand uncle Lauritz Severin Gundersen, I also found his wife,
my great grand Aunt Carrie.

from the Norwegian National Archives the "Digitalarkivet"
Møre og Romsdal county, Tingvoll in Tingvoll parish, official parish register
#586A13 (1879-1892) birth & baptism records 1881, page 20

Karen Oline was born 18 May 1881 and baptised into the Church of Norway 3 June 1881. Her parents were Johan Edvard Erlingsen b. 1854 and Ane Torresdatter b. 1841 of the farm Berget under Tingvold. Her sponsors were Knud Jensen, Lars Selven?, Arne Tingvold, Dorte A Tingvold and Gunhild Tingvold.

my great grand Aunt
Karen "Carrie" Oline Erlingsen Gunderson
born: 18 May 1881 Tingvoll, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
died: Sept 1962 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

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