March 27, 2016

Census Sunday - 1865 Norwegian National Census - Øvald, Eidanger, Telemark

This census shows my 3rd great grandparents Nils Jensen and Johanne Olsdatter and their family. They live on Øvald, considered the family farm and occupied by my family since the mid 1600's. Johanne is the seventh generation on the farm. The farm is actually a small part of the Prestegaarden or priests property, owned by the Norwegian State church. Their oldest son, Gunder Nilsen, will inherit the right to farm Øvald. Gunder and Marthe Marie are my 2nd great grandparents. My great grandfather, Nils, will be born in 1875, ten years after this census.

Nils and Johanne were known for their entertaining/party skills. I do not know if this was a side job to earn some extra money or they just enjoyed having family and friends over.

My 3rd great grandparents:

Nils Jensen 1812-1897
Johanne Elisabeth Olsdatter 1809-1884

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