January 3, 2016

1910 US Census Chicago, Illinois - Lauritz Severin Gundersen - Louis Gunderson

each Sunday I explore a census record and list the genealogical clues it contains (or doesn't)

Lauritz Severin Gundersen 1882-1970
1910 US Census for Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Lauritz Severin Gundersen

Lauritz Severin Gundersen was the brother of my great grandfather Nils Gundersen. I found him in the Norwegian National Census of 1900. He was living on the family farm Øvald, unmarried, with his father, sister and his brother Nils (my great grandfather) and Nils wife and 2 daughters, one of whom was my infant grandmother. In the Norwegian 1910 census the family farm had been sold, the family scattered. But, where was Lauritz? After a futile search of the Norwegian records it occurred to me....America!

Here I found him, in Chicago.

*US Federal Census - Chicago Ward 27, Cook, Illinois; 
Roll:T624_269; Page 7B; Enumeration District 1173; microfilm 1374282*

* Lauritz Gundersen head of household - He still uses his Norwegian form of name but will later be known as Louis and Gundersen will become Gunderson.
*He has married, Karin and now has 3 small children; George, Alice and Lucile
*He immigrated in 1900 (about the time the family farm was sold), further research shows it to be 1901.
*He lived in Minnesota initially as his son George was born there but has been in Chicago for 3 years
*He owns his own home at 3645 N. Richmond St, mortgaged but whose isn't?
*He is a carpenter in the building industry, working steadily
*He speaks English and can read and write
*He has started the paperwork to become an American citizen

In those 10 years he had found a wife, a family, a home, an occupation...and on his way to becoming an American.

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