Eidanger Kirke

Early 20th century - Eidanger kirke

The Eidanger church was an integral part of my grandmother Dagmars family for generations.
Built in the 1100's of stone with 1.5 meter thick cavity walls with carved stone corners, it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary (this was a few hundred years before Norway converted to Lutheranism). A wood addition was built in 1778. The church has a beautiful interior, an old christening font, very old and no doubt valuable silverware and a medieval painting 'The Ascension'.

Dagmars family can be traced in Eidanger to a German immigrant by the name of Maria Lukretia von Boeselager who married a Norwegian and settled in the area in the mid 1600's. Maria was Dagmar's seventh great grandmother. Maria's daughter married the high priest of Eidanger, Jon Lauritssøn-Teiste, and she was buried just outside the church entrance upon her death in 1685.*

It was at the Eidanger church that the next seven generations of our family were baptised, confirmed, married and buried. Dagmar was the last of our family line to be christened in this beautiful old church. Born 10 June 1900, she was christened 15 July 1900 at the Eidanger church. Her sponsors were Josefine Olsen (her aunt), Gunda Gundersen (her aunt), Jens Gundersen (her uncle) and Peder Hansen (a family friend).

These last two photos are of the Eidanger church today. The small village/town of Eidanger no longer exists but was incorporated into the larger town of Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway.

*from the bygdebok "Gjerpen-Porsgrunn" by Finn C. Knudsen
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