1924-Dagmar comes to America

In January of 1924, Dagmar began the journey to join Paul. She took the 3 hour train ride to Oslo alone. Their baby Gerd had died just 2 weeks prior.

Dagmar also took the Bergensfjord to New York Harbor. She was very proud of the fact that she traveled second class. By sending Dagmar a more expensive second-class ticket Paul was assuring that Dagmar would not have to go through Ellis Island proper. She was questioned and examined right on the Bergensfjord, but not as vigorously and she was allowed to disembark directly to the dock with the first class passengers.  

Line #9: Sevaldsen, Dagmar, 23 yrs old, female, married, housewife, can read and write Norwegian, country of origin Norway, race Scandinavian, last permanent residence Skien, family member in home country is father Nils Gundersen Aas. Vinjesgate 14 Skien, destination Chicago Illinois, ticket to final destination paid by husband Paul Sevaldsen 5028 Sawyer Chicago, Ill who is her contact in the U.S., has $25,  is not returning home, plans to stay in the U.S. permanently with intention of becoming a citizen, good health, 5'3", fair complexion, dark hair and brown eyes, no identifying marks, born in Eidanger Norway

Paul met her at the dock and together they took the train to their new home Chicago.

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